The Boys Are Back

5 December 2009

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Based on the acclaimed memoir by Simon Carr, The Boys are Back in Town, The Boys Are Back is inspired by the poignant, comic and uplifting true story of a man who must suddenly raise his two sons alone. After the untimely passing of his second wife, the ill-prepared Joe (Clive Owen) is confronted with the daily challenges of parenthood, while coping not only with his own loss but also with his young son Artie’s expressions of grief. They soon are joined by Harry, Joe’s teenage son from his first marriage, who brings his own personal “baggage” into the mix.

Without a roadmap pointing the way forward, the three boys decide it is best to leave the conventional rules and responsibilities of the grown-up world behind and lead a life based on the mantra ‘just say yes’. When things go awry, Joe is forced to step up and behave like a parent, but must figure out how to do so without abandoning the joy and exuberance shared in their more child-like world.

The Boys Are Back is released on 22 January 2010.