Michael Matthias
The actor talks to Pure Movies about vampires, Stallone and wanting to be expendable.

12 September 2010

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From the producer that brought you Rambo and Righteous Kill comes the all-action blood fest The Bleeding, released on DVD by Momentum Pictures on 6 September 2010.

This high octane roller-coaster ride is a fangtastic homage to the Grindhouse genre and features a heavyweight cast including British hard-man Vinnie Jones (Gone in Sixty Seconds, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Michael Madson (Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs), DMX (Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds), Armand Asante (American Gangster) and newcomer Michael Matthias.  


Shawn Black (Matthias) is an ex-army ranger returning home after fighting for his country. When a sect of vampires attack his family home, they kill his parents, burn down his house and leave him for dead. Surrounded by carnage, slaughter and total mayhem Black takes the fight to the Vampire hordes in a desperate race to save the world from pure evil. Pure Movies caught up with Michael Matthias to talk The Bleeding, vampires and Sylvester Stallone.

Tell us about The Bleeding?

The Bleeding is a vampire movie with a lot more action that is typical in this genre. it is a popcorn movie so it doesnt take itself to serious…..just a little fun.

How did you find it working with Vinnie Jones?

Working with Vinnie was great. He is a real professional that takes every part of movie making serious. He is fun to hang out with as well…as long as you dont have to get up in the morning.

What do you make of the Vampire boom over the past few years?

I dont know…people  love vampires so I am not surprised to the boom in vampire movies.

How do you feel being tagged as the next big action star?

Next big action star? We will see.

Who are your action heroes and would you like to be involved in the next Expendables film?

My favourite action heroes are Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis. I would love to be involved in anything Stallone is in.

What’s next for Michael Matthias?

Cant really discuss details but my lawyer is going over a contract right now for me that would allow me to star in another action movie. This time we are getting a theatrical guarantee from a major studio that I can’t name. There’s a much bigger budget than The Bleeding and a lot more story.